Things I like In My Cubicle

I have really come to love my office area. They pretty much let me do what I wanted with the space (maybe a mistake? lol) so I just went with it. You’re at work for so much of your life that you MUST make it comfortable!

My Fish


This is probably what I like most about my space and I just couldn’t believe it when work said I could have one. His name happens to be Fish, not really original I know, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He has fans that come by and say hi to him everyday and whenever I just need a break from whatever it’s nice to watch him. Even when he does his resting thing where he just floats…not moving…for a long time.

If you are allowed a fish at you office I recommend this lovely addition to your space 🙂

My Plants

Plants have changed my office life! Similar to my fishes relaxing quality, watering and tending to them is a wonderful way to relieve some of the stress from your day. And they just look so nice and make work feel a little more interesting. Bonus: I probably have the freshest air on the whole damn floor!

This Glass Holding My Pens


Ok, I guess this one is kind of silly but I LOVE this glass. It’s way better than the other ugly pen holding options out there and It’s from my favorite brewery here in Ft Worth. If anyone happens to live in the DFW area go check out Martin House Brewing Company!

This Amethyst


Because…well…just look at it! So pretty 🙂

This concludes the Things I like – Cubicle Edition

Y’all have a great day!



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