I Like My Cats

I Have Four Kitties

Two of them, Meeko and Willow, are getting on up in years and don’t like to be photographed often. They like their privacy. My other two, Arya and Daphyne are our newest additions, they are about 1 1/2 years old. Daphyne is a bit younger though we aren’t sure exactly how much. She’s deaf and we think she has a sort of dwarfism…it’s adorable.

Meeko And Willow

The somewhat elusive ones. Meeko is the fat Calico/Tabby mix and Willow is the Siamese/Tabby mix.


Daphyne And Arya


Daphyne is the all white small fat ball and Arya is the slender black and white. Here they are gazing into the distance…


How Arya gets food from me…it works quite well.

They often sleep strangely.

And sit in weird places, as cats do!

Daphyne has a thing for beads…I mean it’s serious. She has them stashed all through the house and gets into some crazy battles. She will play by herself with one of these beads for HOURS. She’s like a one cat parade and perfectly content with this bit of plastic.


That bead though..


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