I Like My Cats

I Have Four Kitties

Two of them, Meeko and Willow, are getting on up in years and don’t like to be photographed often. They like their privacy. My other two, Arya and Daphyne are our newest additions, they are about 1 1/2 years old. Daphyne is a bit younger though we aren’t sure exactly how much. She’s deaf and we think she has a sort of dwarfism…it’s adorable.

Meeko And Willow

The somewhat elusive ones. Meeko is the fat Calico/Tabby mix and Willow is the Siamese/Tabby mix.


Daphyne And Arya


Daphyne is the all white small fat ball and Arya is the slender black and white. Here they are gazing into the distance…


How Arya gets food from me…it works quite well.

They often sleep strangely.

And sit in weird places, as cats do!

Daphyne has a thing for beads…I mean it’s serious. She has them stashed all through the house and gets into some crazy battles. She will play by herself with one of these beads for HOURS. She’s like a one cat parade and perfectly content with this bit of plastic.


That bead though..


I Like Hosting Themed Parties

Especially when said party is a birthday party for my step-kiddos! They are turning 8 and are having a dragon themed party. Yay! I also decided that there needed to be dragon wings for all the kids…..this is a fun but slightly more difficult endeavor than I thought it would be. Thankfully husband is good at the part I absolutely could not master…the wire shaping! I. Just. Couldn’t. Do. It. It’s like I looked at it and it went all wonky. But Josh tamed the wild wire into a successful frame for our lovely wings!


I can’t even tell you how many times we burned ourselves with the dumb hot glue gun but several hours later we have a few sorta done! Oh yeah and the party is tomorrow…

Image result for all the things meme procrastination

We have so much to do but I feel Josh and I do our best work in a high pressure/no time left type situation so it’s all good!


Here we have the finished frame and Arya using the facilities in the background.


Starting to look more like dragon wings yes?


This was as far as we got. I’m going to finish out the edges with either or glitter or both (why the hell not?!) and just see what they need from there.

Another post to come with pictures of success…hopefully, wish us luck!



I Like These Granola Bars

If you’re anything like me when you think about granola bars you think of “pain” and “no thanks, I do not wish ruin the roof of my mouth” and “I’d like to keep my teeth” Well I’m here to tell you that these chewy granola bars are awesome. I love the fact that they don’t cause unnecessary pain and provide a chocolate or peanut butter alternative. I know I’m weird but I prefer the fruit.

And of course it’s always nice finding something you like that’s organic/gmo free 🙂 The downside is while this Cascadian Farms brand seems to be in many stores I have only found this Harvest Berry variety at Sprouts…lame. That’s ok though, I love me some Sprouts. It is after all where I found this little tree! 


I Like My Herb Garden

I really did not expect everything to take off so well! The only one struggling is my lavender bush. It came with the house and was mostly dead. I had to hack off a lot of the icky parts and it is slowly recovering. I know you’re traveling on the struggle bus right now lavender but I’m cheering for you!

The Lavender Bush 


The Mint


The Parsley, Oregano And Thyme Box


The Rosemary Bush


The Cilantro And Basil Box


Look at all this green! It’s so green you can’t tell anything apart! GO HERB GARDEN GO 😀


I Like My Little Pain In The Ass Pond

This pond has become the bane of my world since last summer. I have yet to master algae control and I am insistent upon keeping it chemical and filter free. Let the frustration commence!

This summer will be different, I just know it. I have finally gotten some established plants, which will help A LOT, and a pump that works sometimes. Which is better than zero times. I will figure you out Mr. Turtle pump!

I recently just discovered that you really don’t need to feed your pond fish. Only every once in a while just to make sure they get proper nutrition. Those greedy little jerks are SUPPOSED to eat the bugs and decaying junk in the pond…keeping it cleaner and helping with the algae. They aren’t really hungry just lazy and food from the human is so much easier 😉

With a filter free chemical free pond there is not really a way to completely control the algae (that I know of). However, the silver lining, when it’s time to do a partial water change it is a great way to water your flowers, herbs and veggies!

This summer I WILL master this pond and it will be the best ever pond! If anyone out there has experience, facts, or opinions…whatever! I’m open to anyone’s thoughts!


Things I like About My Cubicle – Part Two

As if you couldn’t tell I really like my office space!

This French Press And Yummy Coffee


So if you love coffee but have never used a French press I would recommend fixing that horrible situation. They are so easy to use and make the coffee taste better along with making it a bit stronger. You can let it brew for as long as you like for something with a bit more of a kick or just a few mins if you don’t like your coffee too strong 🙂 I also love the fact that you can make just one cup or several. (this one will do three)

This Painting


I like this painting partly because I did it myself and is small so it fits nicely in my cubicle, and also because I have no idea what this creature is supposed to be. Or what the background is supposed to be for that matter. The whole damn thing makes no sense so I like it.

This Elephant Tape Dispenser And Stapler


Because elephants!!!

This Picture Of My Husband And I


I love this because people like to walk by and ask “are those porta-potties?!” Yes, yes they are. This is at Martin House Brewery and I have no idea why the random photographer there wanted to take out picture in that very spot. I’m not taking it down due to the potties…not happening. But oh well, gives the picture charm and a funny background story. It stays up.