I Like Wrapping My Cats Up Like Burritos

And I’m pretty sure they secretly like this.

Ok well maybe not…that face 😉


I Like My Veggie Garden


My Veggie Garden got a rough start. We’ve had a few casualties, some cold weather and an unusual lack of sun for this time of year. Regardless, I think it’s all going to be Ok! I planted so many things that I forgot what some of them were…ooopps! Time will tell 🙂



Not the best pics I know but once veggies start coming in I’ll get some better ones!


I Like The Trails We Have Here In Texas

Husband and I are on the search for a jogging trail. We have several choices but have decided to check out River Legacy first. It’s gorgeous!


There are quite a few dirt trails but they are pretty narrow and full of this…


…So no thanks.

Everything else is nice, the views and scenery are fabulous!

Only downside is the cyclists…no offense to any cyclists but it’s damn scary when they come up behind you hauling ass. And there were a ton of them. I thought we were gonna die a few joke. So for that reason i do not think this will be our new jogging trail. The search shall continue!