I Like My New Wildflowers!

So not all of said wildflowers have emerged yet but the few that have make me super excited 😀

The veggie garden is taking off nicely as well! Yay!


I Like My Veggie Garden


My Veggie Garden got a rough start. We’ve had a few casualties, some cold weather and an unusual lack of sun for this time of year. Regardless, I think it’s all going to be Ok! I planted so many things that I forgot what some of them were…ooopps! Time will tell 🙂



Not the best pics I know but once veggies start coming in I’ll get some better ones!


I Like My Herb Garden

I really did not expect everything to take off so well! The only one struggling is my lavender bush. It came with the house and was mostly dead. I had to hack off a lot of the icky parts and it is slowly recovering. I know you’re traveling on the struggle bus right now lavender but I’m cheering for you!

The Lavender Bush 


The Mint


The Parsley, Oregano And Thyme Box


The Rosemary Bush


The Cilantro And Basil Box


Look at all this green! It’s so green you can’t tell anything apart! GO HERB GARDEN GO 😀