I Like The Trails We Have Here In Texas

Husband and I are on the search for a jogging trail. We have several choices but have decided to check out River Legacy first. It’s gorgeous!


There are quite a few dirt trails but they are pretty narrow and full of this…


…So no thanks.

Everything else is nice, the views and scenery are fabulous!

Only downside is the cyclists…no offense to any cyclists but it’s damn scary when they come up behind you hauling ass. And there were a ton of them. I thought we were gonna die a few joke. So for that reason i do not think this will be our new jogging trail. The search shall continue!


I Like These Granola Bars

If you’re anything like me when you think about granola bars you think of “pain” and “no thanks, I do not wish ruin the roof of my mouth” and “I’d like to keep my teeth” Well I’m here to tell you that these chewy granola bars are awesome. I love the fact that they don’t cause unnecessary pain and provide a chocolate or peanut butter alternative. I know I’m weird but I prefer the fruit.

And of course it’s always nice finding something you like that’s organic/gmo free 🙂 The downside is while this Cascadian Farms brand seems to be in many stores I have only found this Harvest Berry variety at Sprouts…lame. That’s ok though, I love me some Sprouts. It is after all where I found this little tree!