I Like My Veggie Garden


My Veggie Garden got a rough start. We’ve had a few casualties, some cold weather and an unusual lack of sun for this time of year. Regardless, I think it’s all going to be Ok! I planted so many things that I forgot what some of them were…ooopps! Time will tell 🙂



Not the best pics I know but once veggies start coming in I’ll get some better ones!


I Like These Granola Bars

If you’re anything like me when you think about granola bars you think of “pain” and “no thanks, I do not wish ruin the roof of my mouth” and “I’d like to keep my teeth” Well I’m here to tell you that these chewy granola bars are awesome. I love the fact that they don’t cause unnecessary pain and provide a chocolate or peanut butter alternative. I know I’m weird but I prefer the fruit.

And of course it’s always nice finding something you like that’s organic/gmo free 🙂 The downside is while this Cascadian Farms brand seems to be in many stores I have only found this Harvest Berry variety at Sprouts…lame. That’s ok though, I love me some Sprouts. It is after all where I found this little tree! 


I Like My Little Pain In The Ass Pond

This pond has become the bane of my world since last summer. I have yet to master algae control and I am insistent upon keeping it chemical and filter free. Let the frustration commence!

This summer will be different, I just know it. I have finally gotten some established plants, which will help A LOT, and a pump that works sometimes. Which is better than zero times. I will figure you out Mr. Turtle pump!

I recently just discovered that you really don’t need to feed your pond fish. Only every once in a while just to make sure they get proper nutrition. Those greedy little jerks are SUPPOSED to eat the bugs and decaying junk in the pond…keeping it cleaner and helping with the algae. They aren’t really hungry just lazy and food from the human is so much easier 😉

With a filter free chemical free pond there is not really a way to completely control the algae (that I know of). However, the silver lining, when it’s time to do a partial water change it is a great way to water your flowers, herbs and veggies!

This summer I WILL master this pond and it will be the best ever pond! If anyone out there has experience, facts, or opinions…whatever! I’m open to anyone’s thoughts!