I Like My Freshly Cleaned Pond

It’s so lovely after it’s had a water change. Pond, could you please just stay this way?



I Like My Herb Garden

I really did not expect everything to take off so well! The only one struggling is my lavender bush. It came with the house and was mostly dead. I had to hack off a lot of the icky parts and it is slowly recovering. I know you’re traveling on the struggle bus right now lavender but I’m cheering for you!

The Lavender Bush 


The Mint


The Parsley, Oregano And Thyme Box


The Rosemary Bush


The Cilantro And Basil Box


Look at all this green! It’s so green you can’t tell anything apart! GO HERB GARDEN GO 😀


I Like My Little Pain In The Ass Pond

This pond has become the bane of my world since last summer. I have yet to master algae control and I am insistent upon keeping it chemical and filter free. Let the frustration commence!

This summer will be different, I just know it. I have finally gotten some established plants, which will help A LOT, and a pump that works sometimes. Which is better than zero times. I will figure you out Mr. Turtle pump!

I recently just discovered that you really don’t need to feed your pond fish. Only every once in a while just to make sure they get proper nutrition. Those greedy little jerks are SUPPOSED to eat the bugs and decaying junk in the pond…keeping it cleaner and helping with the algae. They aren’t really hungry just lazy and food from the human is so much easier 😉

With a filter free chemical free pond there is not really a way to completely control the algae (that I know of). However, the silver lining, when it’s time to do a partial water change it is a great way to water your flowers, herbs and veggies!

This summer I WILL master this pond and it will be the best ever pond! If anyone out there has experience, facts, or opinions…whatever! I’m open to anyone’s thoughts!


Things I like In My Cubicle

I have really come to love my office area. They pretty much let me do what I wanted with the space (maybe a mistake? lol) so I just went with it. You’re at work for so much of your life that you MUST make it comfortable!

My Fish


This is probably what I like most about my space and I just couldn’t believe it when work said I could have one. His name happens to be Fish, not really original I know, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He has fans that come by and say hi to him everyday and whenever I just need a break from whatever it’s nice to watch him. Even when he does his resting thing where he just floats…not moving…for a long time.

If you are allowed a fish at you office I recommend this lovely addition to your space 🙂

My Plants

Plants have changed my office life! Similar to my fishes relaxing quality, watering and tending to them is a wonderful way to relieve some of the stress from your day. And they just look so nice and make work feel a little more interesting. Bonus: I probably have the freshest air on the whole damn floor!

This Glass Holding My Pens


Ok, I guess this one is kind of silly but I LOVE this glass. It’s way better than the other ugly pen holding options out there and It’s from my favorite brewery here in Ft Worth. If anyone happens to live in the DFW area go check out Martin House Brewing Company!

This Amethyst


Because…well…just look at it! So pretty 🙂

This concludes the Things I like – Cubicle Edition

Y’all have a great day!